Thanks Wendy! Last year I finally broke down and bought one of those spring loaded leather punches. A vendor friend had recommended it, but only had 1, which he promptly sold to my daughter. I finally got one from another vendor and it has been a blessing for shawl work too. Using it was the only way I was able to complete my daughter's dance shawl in 4 days last year.

I have a half hide with a lovely mahogany finish. It's upholstery grade, but I think it will work, doubled. With a conical head on the spring loaded punch, the holes close up for a nice hand sewn look. So I'll have to punch, stitch, punch, stitch. I might cheat a bit with a little leather cement between the layers to keep the strips aligned. I have a traditional heart when it comes to NA crafting, so that feels a bit like cheating. Last week, as I held and stitched the ribbon on my husband's shirt, several people commented, "If our ancestors had Magic Bond, they WOULD have used it!"

Jane Winkler, Editor
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