I have so many unfinished items to address, but there are 2 very special ones with priority. A beaded belt for my husband and another for my Chief. I was looking for a photo last night and stumbled on the design I had done for the Tribe. It incorporates some aspects of our history. The river and the name of the school in our little swamp community, Four Pines.

Fairly certain, I have most, if not all the beads needed. I've never made anything using the "inset" method. The loomwork is attached to a leather base strip. The top strip of leather has a cut out to reveal the beads and is sewn to the base leather around the outer edges and the cut out.

Has anyone done something similar? I'm so slow with the loom, I want to protect the beads as best I can. I have a few smaller loom pieces suitable for bracelets and plenty of leather. I think I'll start with a smaller piece for my 1st attempt. Any and all tips appreciated!

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