I think they are basically the same -- the Blackfoot tribes called it lazy stitch and it is a bit looser so it moves and flows. Lane stitch is tighter and done by the upper plains tribes, west of the Mississippi: Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho, Kiowa, Crow, and others of the Great Plains. In lane stitch, as much thread or sinew as possible is used to fill the hole in the bead and pulled tightly -- giving a hard feel to the lanes and little movement. I think mine are too close together though.

The hump stitch is the Sioux style lane stitch, with one extra bead squeezed into the row to give the look of a hump. I do not know the significance of the hump -- but, it is a hallmark of Sioux bead work.

Painting on canvas: are acrylic paints used or plant dyes? Using plant dyes for drawing images on hide was done in the days of the ancestors. The drawings are called "pictorgraphs", like on the Lakota Winter Counts .

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