13; & she's already dug into my pony beads to make necklaces, bracelets & cat collars for Indy (on elastic thread). Her & mom have lived off & on with us over the years and currently have their apartment a mere 5 miles away - close enough for us to be able to support them, while enough distance for privacy. As a single parent doing full time government position & finished college, the added support is welcomed.

They spent some of her early years with my in-laws in CA & NV. Hearing my step-daughter (shoot - daughter is enough; was in her life the past 24 years. Met her mom when she was 9) - back to hearing daughter use the term 'grandpa' made it hard at the aerly age to differentiate between between me & father-in-law, so I was annoited at Grandpa Longhair, since I wear a post-military ponytail (occ. side braids)

I beaded very small rosettes (diameter was 15 11/0 beads across) 4-color Lakota medicine wheels with vertical fringing on the bottom to use as earrings. WINNER! (BTW: The backing leather was from the same chamois I used for the recently completed lane stitch project. In fact, another medicine wheel has already been started & had to be worked around when mounting on the embroidery hoop.)

She really wants to do bead-wrapped arrows after napping her own arrowheads to hang on her wall in a beaded quiver.

She's not any direct 'blood' of mine, but she sure has taken to my footsteps for craftwork & outdoor activities.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children."