Beetlemess, I saw your beadwork was on canvas. I've seen several people beading on canvas, either loose or on a frame like yours. Other than being cheaper than leather, are there additional benefits to using canvas? What type is used, the pre-framed ones for painting? Or did you make the frame and attach a different type?

The small medallions I'm beading for the choker/earring set are on thin scrap leather. I'll be gluing a sturdier leather to the back, so I'm not too concerned with the thin leather tearing. However, I had the design for a beaded barrette pop into my head this weekend. It will be several inches wide and tall, in an oak tree pattern to match my daughter's bandolier bag.

She is rough on her stuff. Do you think canvas would be an easier for me and/or sturdier for her base for the beadwork? I'll still have to back it with a piece of leather to hide and secure the barrette base. I've never used canvas, so let me know what you think. Helpful tips always most graciously appreciated.

Jane Winkler, Editor
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