Almost 3/4 done with my lazy/lane stitch ribbon project. I really am not concerned with having the proper lay of the beads and it's coming out looking similar to what the craftsmanship looked like from the late 1800's - might be because most of the beads are of antique vintage due to the size (including irregular & deformities) and availability. Get to it in the evenings when I don't have other commitments - mostly Scout related, but then I just volunteered to serve on the home owners' Architectural Review Committee. This way I can influence what they will permit as I make the final plans to add on the walkways to the recently built patio and construct a second patio with a fire pit centered in a 4-spoke medicine wheel of contrasting brick (properly oriented with the winds, of course)

As I finished/submitted the above, I noticed that Phyllis approaches the 10k post mark. Congrats, you're at 9,999

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