When I started beading many years ago, one of my teachers told me NOT to strive for perfection. There is none, other than the Creator. Every One and Every Thing is unique in some special way. Perhaps this is the basis of the "Spirit Bead."

I mentioned in another post about our give aways at the Pow-Wow and one involved a Spirit Bead. On Thursday, the Head Veteran gave all the others a small plastic frog, and explained this acronym.
F - Forever
R - Relying
O - On
G - God
When my husband showed me his FROG, I realized I had the perfect gift for the Head Veteran. A fetish necklace made many years ago and seldom worn, with red and black stones (Warrior colors) 2 small blackstone frogs and a larger red jasper one at the center. When I was making it, I wanted the frogs to be looking up, which presented an issue with the red one. Something was needed to secure the sinew and a feather dangling from a frog's rear didn't seem appropriate. I found a seed bead, the exact color of the red jasper, and it fit flush in the hole.

My husband gave the necklace with my firm instructions NOT to point out THAT particular bead. The Head Vet has a fabulous sense of humor and a prankster himself at times. He found me later that day and I told him there was something about the necklace I had to show him. I lifted up the red jasper frog and he started laughing. Yes, there is a frog turd on the necklace. When I added, "I had to put the Spirit Bead somewhere," he doubled over!

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