Yikes... An Eagle medal ain't easy to just come upon. Sure you might find one on ebay, but could pay a hefty price. Could always look into a patch or a lapel pin (available through the BSA Scout Shop or almost any second party dealer). Scout Shop Eagle stuff can be accessed at a local Scout HQ or on the website: Eagle Scout Stuff
Did see a key chain that could be used/modified. As well as a sterling silver pin, necklace, small lapel pin, Charm... (I just caution that tghe eagle should be silver unless/until he becomes a distinquished eagle & then it can be gold version). What's not to stop him from wearing a Eagle Kerchief in the circle? I don't see anything that would be detrimental to the honor.
As far as my military ribbon project... 4 of 12 complete & starting to work on #5 with the forest green micro's that Phyllis located - Thanks. Whereas I'm using 16/o seed beads, these are more closer to 18/o; but since I'm lane stitching & there is no variation across any horizonal lines, they should work out fine.
Did/Will have to restort to size 15/o's for a metallic gold border on #6 & those beads will go nicely into producing an applique version of Naval Aviator Wings. #2 of the Major product themes.
Did notice that as I progress on the lanes, the later efforts seem to look alot better & I could be inclined to redo the first one.
Using the antique-type micro beads really give the look of late-1800's lazy (lane) stitch with the irregular bead dimensions.

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