I think everyone has a different feeling about being single. I've was married the first time 22 years, I fell out of love with my ex. Married second time. My second husband died 8 months after we were married. Deep inside me, a part of me says I'm done with marriage. I didnt say NEVER. If I should happen to fall in love again later, I wont get married again, instead, I'd rather have a companion. There is nothing wrong with that. Its nice to have someone to go out to dinner with, go see a movie, travel or have someone to snuggle up to. There isnt a committment there either. I'm enjoying my single life at this point and loving my freedom. Im very independent and don't see the need to marry again. I dont feel lonely right now. My family are here so I keep busy with them and friends. In time, that all may change. But it still doesnt mean i cant have a companion.

Hope this makes sense.