I agree with you on the peer pressure part. I dont like people hounding on me when its time for me to date or find a partner. I lost my husband 3 years ago.. I'm not ready to date. I simply tell my friends or coworkers, I'll find one when I'm ready. My loss is still fresh for me to think about another man. I was married to him for 8 months. I dont need another man right now. Maybe later down the road, but I have to heal first.

I love being single right now because I love having my freedom. I can come and go when I please. I dont have someone to tell me how to live my life. Yes, sometimes I feel lonely when I see other couples together, but I get over it quick. I cringe when I think about being with a man right now-lol. I loved being married to my husband and dont get me wrong about marriage. I loved it, but now, its turned my life around and its about ME now. What I want to do. I'm very independent.

Good luck to you in your future.