[quote=Cy_Single_Life]Are you a morning person who misses sharing a cup of coffee with someone? Or a night person, who likes going out but find that dating can just be too expensive? There are certain times of the day that make being single feel more difficult. Sometimes you don't feel like having dinner on your own, and can't bear the thought of going on yet another ''let's get to know each other'' evening. While there can be many things to love about being single (like the freedom to stay out as late as you want to, or, having more time for hobbies and personal interests), there may also be times when having all that ''free time'' can make you feel tired. What are some of the things you love/hate about being single? [/quote] Some times i enjoy being single. But most of the times it's like a punishment..then i go for online dating sites which helps me a lot.