I have been single for 8 years now. I love it, but my daughter is still living with me, so I have company. We are both adults. We have put the mother/daughter relationship behind us and are now friends.
I don't miss married life. I love my freedom. I was married to a very controling person who dictated everything about my life.

The one thing I have learned... When you are married and taking care of so much and taking care of so many different people you're life is focused on others. There is no time to think about who you are or what you really want in life. Once I got over the pain of separation, I started focusing on my own life, and how I see the world.
I understand now why monks take a vow of silence and spend time alone meditating. I gained a lot of wisdom in the years since my divorce because I had the time and the silence to do that.

I have noticed that women my age (I'm 48) often choose to stay single after a divorce.
I like being single for all the reasons others have mentioned. Do I ever miss having someone in my life? usually if there is a large task that I can't do alone I think how great it would be to have someone with me. Sometimes those times when the day has been particularly hard I miss having someone I can just sit and discuss things with and getting a hug. Bu the dream isn't always the reality. How sure am I that I would get that even if I were married?
The times I enjoy being single is about 90%, the times I wish I werent... 10%

But I have always said... If you have a good mechanic, you don't need a husband laugh