Can I answer this from the other side of the fence?

I'm on my 2nd marriage and have 3 kids (1 with Asperger's - my oldest).

There are times that I am very envious of the single life. I have so many people depending on me, it would be nice sometimes to be able to do things for me without having to pull out mjy little calendar book and having to cross-check 4 schedules; with mine normally coming in last.

I so want to go see the movie "The Happening" and nobody else in my family wants to see it, so I can't even justify a "date night" with my husband. If I were single I could go to a midnight showing by myself - and the only consequence would be - could I stay awake at work the next morning?

But, I know I am not a loner type person. So loneliness would definitely be the donwside. I think the "freedom" would wear off quickly for me - and I'd go searching for someone pretty soon.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor