Thats true Robin. I always get that way around the holidays. I still live between my in-laws. My ex sister in law is on one side and my ex brother in law is on the other. They are all very good to me and still treat me as family. I found a card in my mail box one day from my sister-in-law that said " You are the best sister". I cried.
I am asked every year to come have Christmas with them, but my ex is there with his new wife and I don't want to step on toes. My daughter goes and that night I sit home alone. It is the one day of the year I pout and feel sorry for myself because I can't be with those I love.
So I find myself questioning being single this time of year. For about a month I keep asking myself why I don't get out and find someone. It usually lasts through New years eve, but after that I'm fine.
The Holidays are usually the toughest part of being single.. so I'm changing my answer to that laugh