I am single after 16 years of marriage. I have two children & a few very good friends. I've decided that I never want to be in a relationship again.

I cannot bear the thought of all the doubt and worry and jealousy connected with his secret relationships. I would never want to go through the anger and fights his unhappy, dsyfunctional personality created. I would never want to clean up after a man who treats me badly again.

I enjoy my time, my space. I love going out to a movie with the kids and coming home to unlock a door only I have a key to, lights off, my house as I left it.

I enjoy Saturday mornings before the kids wake up, my lounge pants on, freshly-made cappuccino in hand, reading or watching something from a list of TiVO'd programs that only I have created.

I enjoy jealousy and anger gone from my life. I love that decisions are mine alone, without negative consequences stemming from someone else's differing opinion.

I, too, have found out amazing things about myself... I put in my new dishwasher myself, with only one phone call to my brother for advice. I can move furniture, I can organize my finances, I can indulge in interesting hobbies, I am an amazing, involved mother to my girls.

I like myself this way. And if I'm only 38, and if there are lonely years ahead (especially after my girls are grown & gone), I will deal with them. I'll find a way to make this life good, and rich. I have decided to, and I can do whatever I make up my mind to do.

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