We did a lot of recycling when I was a child. We scouted around for bottles and turned them in for money (that was when soda bottles were in glass and they were reused). My mom would pack my red wagon with rags, newspapers, etc. and we would take it to the rag man. He weighed the wagon loaded, then empty, and gave us $$ for the junk. We often heard from Woodsy Owl, "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute."

When Al Jazeera America was on they had a great ad hoc commercial. A plastic bottle is being blown around the city streets, in the country, the forest... The bottle says it always wanted to be at the shore overlooking the sea. Finally, after many travels, someone picks up the bottle and puts it in the recycle can and in the next scene, the voice says, it is exactly where it always wanted to be, a bench overlooking the sea. What a great message.