Today I want to bring the books that are on the outside porch into the storage area of my house. They have gotten a bit wet from the storm and are looking curly and unhappy. I move so much that all my books get ruined eventually. frown

I also am hoping to get the rest of the steel and some more metal out from the lean to and set them up for a second recycling run.

Lisa, you know where the white trash thing is coming from. It keeps coming from that quarter and is always either mildly irritating or vastly upsetting. I am working on just being irritated/amused instead of discouraged.

My own POV is that it's all slowly getting tidied up and clean, and that I am in no hurry. It is healing like i am healing. I have to try to remember this in spite of the anxiety of not doing something on someone else's timeline. This is MY house.

I think you should get a nice little bit of money from your old shed. Someone recently dismantled an old bus in the woods around here, and got a thousand dollars from the metal.