Dear Jilly -

I know there are emotionally laden reasons for the "white trash" label. I also would gently suggest that the phrase is derogatory and applying it to your own world hinders rather than helps. So while others might use it, mentally translate it into "cluttered" into your mind. Cluttered is not derogatory - it's simply a current state that can be worked on. If things currently look cluttered, then definitely they can be worked on to look more neat and tidy!

With all the branches down, it is very cluttered looking here. Plus we have the entire old shed's worth of steel in a pile in the corner. So we have to get that out to the recycling place. My sleep schedule is really wacky right now - I was asleep about 2pm I think, awake maybe 6pm? And have been awake since then. I am trying to get myself really sleepy so when I go up I actually fall asleep instead of tossing and turning. Which reminds me, I'll go make myself some tea right now. But in any case it means I'll probably sleep through daylight again. Hopefully I'll wake up with at least a few hours of sunlight to do the outdoor gathering work before it's dark. It needs to get done before the real snows come.

Today was mostly about schoolwork, I wanted to get it done early this week so I could focus on web work during the week itself.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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