Vi, I am a Flylady fan from years ago. I recently got back on the 'flywagon'. I adore her. It's so nice that someone is just proud of us, all the time. smile

She is totally a guru. Good call.

I know i have a copy of Saving Dinner "Low Carb" somewhere. I think in the kitchen of my RV.

What kind of things are you interested in cooking ahead then? Bean meals mainly? And that is inspiring about all your lasagnas.


I wanted to add that I worked on my Bills Binder today after finishing my Pet Binder. I am pretty pleased with these. I also added to my Flight Plan (ala Flylady), which is getting closer to being exactly what i need to refer to each day.

I am a little lost on compiling my Financial Resources Binder - I have so much to add and so many categories to think about. Hmmm. I zipped it all up together to mess with later.

Good night!