I am finding that the house can easily and nearly instantly fill with clutter if I don't make a deliberate effort to keep it in check each day. It is staggering. My office was clean only a little while ago (it seems) and now it is a giant mess again. Piles of things everywhere.

So I am going to restart my efforts smile. Even just one thing, each day, in each room.

For example, my boyfriend hung up my grandmother's plate in my office two weeks ago or so. It was nice of him. But he left the container of hooks on the table in here - and it's just sat there ever since. So I am going to move it to the pile of "stuff to go into the basement" at least smile.

I have a giant parakeet cage in the kitchen, waiting to be sold on craigslist. I will drop its price by $10. It's worth $10 to me to get it gone!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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