My crockpot is now clean! Ha. Only took two weeks.

Now I just need to find a place to put it, and grab some of my bags of dried beans. I will put this up over the weekend I think. I need to make sure I don't burn the beans this time. I really am hopeless when it comes to heat and food. smile

Yesterday I managed to grab a friend who also needed financial help on an eye exam, and we went to our local Lions Club and filled out the applications. They will have a meeting next thursday and will let us know how that works out. So that is one more application done!!!

Also, my other girl kitten was accepted by Morningstarr for a spay voucher. So I have to get her deuterined next week.

I received my magnetic brake lights for my vintage camping trailer and want to add those to the vehicle plus the new license plate. I need help from dan with that, but these are here, ready to go.

Still working on my binders. I made a new vision board for my Flight Plan today - lots of images of water and greenery. Of course. smile