Today i did some decluttering in my hoard, and scrubbed the really old grimy drip collectors in my 1960s mobile's kitchen. I am soaking them right now in water and washing soda. I will soak them overnight and then scrub again. Tomorrow I will scrub and soak the stovetop grilles. I have no idea when the last time these things were cleaned. Maybe the 1960s. heh.

The stove does not work but it could certainly be cleaned up. It's so grimy, just like everything else in there. Now I can see through the glass window on the oven!

I also got some nice handles from habitat for humanity's salvage store, and will be putting them on the cabinets that remain in there. I already put new ones on the bathroom cabinets.

Little by little!

I also got some paperwork today, answered emails, paid a bill and made some much needed phone appointments. A good day.