The two messes are still there (i will take care of at least the 1 on the floor tomorrow..i cant take it anymore) but I did a lot in my favorites, I put the entire album of Prometheus one by one yesterday and tonight I found out that the new Eminem song I had was from a 2011 album (i still cant believe i never knew that album was out until tonight!!!!!) so I found all the others (Lighters with Bruno Mars is 1 of his best songs!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I NEVER HEARD IT UNTIL A FEW HOURS AGO!!!!!!!!!!), I have the extra songs from The Dark Knight Rises (except 16 which for some reason is only available by a remix of someone i dont know about) and the songs from A Serbian Film. If I take care of each songs from these four albums per day I'll be done with this on Wednesday!