Shama Yingshiong Chapter 1 ending - my last report

To friends of Yingshiong,

I do hope you enjoyed the time that I have spend with
Yingshiong the shama. That a shy timid aviary bird can
indeed bond with one that treat him as equal and
patient and can be a companion bird. That they
deserved more than just being kept in a cage or an

Do remember that Yingshiong was old when he came to
me. You need not go and get a young bird to do what we
have done. You can do what I have done or even better
from the reports I left behind.

Perhaps I should not have tried it with Yingshiong at
all. In which case, no one in the world would have
guessed that a shy timid aviary bird is capable of
bonding to be a companion bird. Yingshiong also would
not have rediscovered flight and entralled all of you
with his behaviour , antics , mischief, love, music
and most of all, his magic.

In a few days, I will be working and living in another
part of the world. With the fear of bird flu, it is
obvious I cannot think of taking YS with me. My wife
will not be joining me there as there will be
restrictions on her there that she will not be used

I hope you enjoyed our accounts and will look on your
birds with a different light, be their beaks be hook
or straight.

I am sorry in the short time I have left, I might not
be able to answer any of you. I have many things to
arrange in this short time left. But I do not think it
right for me to go without a word.

You know I yearned to be back with Tinkerbell. This
road I take may lead me indirectly back to her again.

You understand now why I decided not to go ahead and
re-attempt with the harness recently. I knew YS will
be more receptive the second time. But I knew I would
not have the time to follow through. I also had to
test out other parameters if YS is to be looked after
by my wife Joy. I knew there was this coming change
but it was not firm until last night.

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