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I have never come in contact with a GGLB. Lovely. Congratulations on your new companion. I look forward to reading about your life with him.

Hi Heather,

Few folks, at least in the West , ever heard of shama for that matter.

You might even have missed Yingshiong, the white rumped shama that was a gift from Tinkerbell. WR shama is the world finest song bird weighing 30 grams.
Shamas are classified as 'aviary birds'. They are among the most timid of birds but they are also the best song birds in the world.

Yingshiong was born wild . Yingshiong was caught in the forest at 3 years old and he was 5years old when he was given into my care.
You can see from the daily blog I kept that he flew to me on recall within a month. Breeders of 4 decades of experience with shamas told me my photos are the first ever of a male shama landing on a human. I just think none of them thought of ever trying in the first place. And they had not met that birdwhisperer of Tsaoling that inspired me that much

You can see how I adapted what I wrote in Tinkerbll Legacy to work with a shama instead. Why a shama? I just could not get another parrot into my life even then at that time.

You can hear him in these recordings.



I hope Li Bai the GGLB will honor me in time with the same friendship as Yingshiong