My wife would have joined me much earlier in Brisbane but for Yingshiong.

But it is decided Joy will be joining me and farewell to Yingshiong is soon


Livejournal entry yesterday Thursday 3 May 07

YS last few days with me
I just landed into Singapore early this morning and back into apartment.
After hugging my wife who was about to leave for her office, Ivan greeted me with meows and
figure of eight curls around my ankle.

Yingshiong looked at me from his flight room and flew about with excitment. Sorrowfully, I incarcerate Ivan for YS to fly out. YS did not fly to me yet on cue as expected.

This trip is made specially to walk Yingshiong into his next chapter. I first spend a few days with him and on Monday, he will be taken to Jurong Bird Park. Then in the evening, I fly back to Brisbane.

I waffled and flip flop between JBP or my friend huge aviary.

Between the beauty of living in dangerous world against the cocoon of a safe aviary of my friend

For him to engage in life/death struggle with all the magic or a safe existence

He will be living in the largest aviary in the world, the JBP waterfall aviary

I will be leaving apartment soon to buy YS succulent crickets. I will spoil him rotten over the next few days.


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