Hi Diana,

It will be nice to know you. As you get to know more of me, you will probably agree that folks should not do what I do in general.

Needless to say, taking your birdie with you outside to fly freely in the sky should not be done. Or taking them out to ride with you on motorbike should not be done either.

However there are some things that they should give some thoughts to doing.

I have noticed many warnings about recalls of commercial birdie food and pellets. I leave aside commenting on the additives in them to enable long life.

That folks should think of making their own food for their birdie, food made with care and love and never ever subjected to recalls.

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You might even want to do the same for your birdies too.

Birdies (and beasties too) should be approached with understanding. I find many problems might go away if folks take their birdies as their equals, or even as their trainers instead of the other way around

Try to find the time to read
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You probably will agree with more of what I said in there.

Warmest regards

山 龍
Mountain Dragon