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Have you seen the work that Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation is doing with the spix macaw?

I think you will enjoy these photos. Spix

Wouldn't it be grand if the extinct in the wild Spix was flying free again?

Since I learned to be open to animals, their communication, I have found I have a lot to learn from them.

I was very aware of Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation for some time on their work on wildlife and Spix macaws in particular.

When I knew I was going to Qatar, I was even more aware. I checked that they were about an hour drive from where I lived in Qatar. I made plans to contact them.

I had not reckoned on the tough work in the project I was on and the full 6 days week. I was so drained of energy that one day rest could barely recharge me.

The vibrations of the long overdued project became very toxic and I left. About my sole regret in leaving Qatar was I did not get to see the Spix and other creatures in Al Wabra.

I do hope that day will come Spix will fly free again in the land that gave birth to them.

And that will not be the only time where beasties and birdies got back into the wild from heartfelt efforts of man.

Sadly, the destruction of man far outweighed those recoveries by man.

Wild caughts // Jackie and Jackie Mash // plug for Formosan Blue Magpies