Thank you for speaking up for me.


I hope too that no one on the basis of photos, thought they know everything and go on to do what I am doing.

That will be a pity as I wrote much on the background of what I have done and perhaps you might find the time to read too.

A good starting point is this summary and background here

Inside that summary will be further URLs to even more detailed training.

I share your fear too that people might see the photos and immediately jump on the ramparts of a medieval fortress which can be dangerous for all.

Or on the photos below, take their cats to go walking outside with parrot in the wadi nearest to them. No leash on the cats too. I can only say I hope they read of the training we all did prior to those photos.

I was wondering why you chose to make such a passionate call against against round cage as if I should be an example to hold up to castigate against.

Perhaps you were shocked at seeing a round cage in my living room with Yingshiong the white rumped shama flying above it, so much so that you only can think of that round cage and not the shama flying freely in the apartment.

I hope to think a lot more people saw my birdies flying freely at home and inspired to do the same than to see an obscure round cage on living room floor and rush out to buy round cages.

That round cage was used once to transport Yingshiong to my apartment. It was then left on the living room floor as YS showed me he love to perch on the hook of that cage. That cage was last used by me when I gave Yingshiong to the Jurong Bird Park rejecting offers of US$5000 and 'name your price' for Yingshiong when I could no longer keep Yingshiong.

It might interest you to know from the statistics in my website that you can access, more than 3/4 of the hits came from non English speaking countries in the East. They went on to read what I wrote, saw even more photos and videos and the training, and went on to consider no using cages at all.

My birdies are all kept in their own rooms. The cages were/are wired permanently to stay open so they can come and go as they please.

Perhaps you might do the same too to your flock.

Warmest regards