Hi Diana,

Sorry for the late reply.
Events in my life taken a bit more of my time and energy last few weeks.

I first wish you and all those who followed me Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you have seen my postings in the past, the rate of postings increased very much when I have a birdie in my life. The birdie seemed to supercharge me with energy, and the energy then went to report on them.

If you have followed last few postings, there were no more birdies in my life.

The goodbyes that I have said to those birdies in my life taken a toll on me. To the point I decided not to have a bird again unless I felt I am in a permanent enough place.

I felt the country, Singapore, that I am in now can never be a place I call my home even if I was born and hold the passport here. I think I worked hard and long enough. That it may be time now to enjoy the rest of my life.

I will be trying to find a place that I feel I can call home over the next few months. For that, I am consolidating and preparing my departure, probably starting in Jan 2013, if the world still exist after the 21 Dec 2012.

I will be staying in various places for a month at a time to assess if I can be happy there, and my wife can be happy there enough to join me.

I will be staying in small towns or hamlets. I do not like cities.

I probably start in Malaysia. Then I will move on to Nepal to check out Pokhara. Probably then to remote places in China. I might move on to America. And perhaps even end up being your neighbour.

And when I find a place, that will be the time to have birdie into my life again.

I think in my time of travelling about, my access to Internet will be sporadic. At best, I can only hope to update my livejournal blog now and then. So there might be long periods of silence from me.

When I find that place and settled down and have a birdie again in my life, I will then write a lot more.

I thank you for thinking I can be a mentor. But I said before and I say again, the person that should be role model is not me, it is that Bird Whisperer of Tsao Ling.

And as for training, I said it many times before that is the key to what my birdies did for me.

That I accept my role as their trainee, and accepted the birdie as my trainer.