I hope you find the perfect place to live. I wish you serenity, well wishes and happiness in your travels. If you end up in America I would be thrill and proud to have you as a neighbor. We live in a small town in South Dakota. Most of my neighbors are Karen or Kayin. Except for a new neighbor building one block away (a huge water park) we have a friendly peaceful neighborhood. (It gets downright cold here though)

I hope you find a place where you're happy and can have birdies again. Your spark is not quite as bright and shiny.

Have you seen the work that Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation is doing with the spix macaw?

I think you will enjoy these photos. Spix

Wouldn't it be grand if the extinct in the wild Spix was flying free again?

Since I learned to be open to animals, their communication, I have found I have a lot to learn from them.