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The truth is though that medical and traumatic abortions (rape/incest) make up less than 2% of abortions. The rest is birth control or because of prenatal testing (which is horrible IMO because of the high rate of false positives. You are just as likely killing a perfectly healthy baby as one with Down's, etc).

For those of us who highly value our sons and daughters who were born with Down syndrome, comments like these are quite troubling. The 'termination' rate for pregnancies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome is so high, it's obvious that both 'pro-choice' and otherwise 'pro-life' women are making the same choice.

That did seem to be a rather off-the-cuff answer. Even when something is "wrong" with our babies, they can do amazing things. Sometimes their disabilities can even be a blessing because it leads them down a road they might not have otherwise traveled.

As parents we all want our kids to be born perfectly healthy and, well, perfect. But that doesn't always happen. But still these children can bring blessings into our lives - completely different blessings from anything that we had dreamed of when we were expecting a "normal" child.

OK- I'll go back to the real topic now....

I hope and pray that more research will go into finding out when brain function does begin. Because that seems to be the basic argument. Once we can prove that a baby can think, then that baby is a person, then there will be no choice but to say that it is murder to have an abortion.

I think scientists and doctors that are against abortion need to put their efforts into 2 major areas:
1. finding out this information
2. finding a safe way to move a fetus from a woman who doea not want a baby to one who does.

These 2 things could virtually end abortions other than those that are caused by medical emergencies.

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