I am also pro-life, with a very few excpetions.

If the mother's life is at risk, I think this is a very hard choice. In most cases the baby would wind up dying with the mother anyway, so aborting is saving 1 life as opposed to saving zero lives.

In the case of rape - I am always torn on this one. I was a victim of rape. I, however, was lucky not to become pregnant because of this event. I do know that the trauma of my rape has lived with me - well it still lives with me - 20 years later. I would like to say I would have given the child up for adoption, but I cannot in all honesty say I would have been that strong.

In cases of incest, this is an incredibly traumatic thing to put the (usually young) mother through. Not only is it rape, but it is "dirty" rape - at least that is how the victim usually sees herself. Plus the chance for genetic abnormalties in the child are very high. Although it hurts, I have to say that I believe in this case abortion is the better call.

For those that choose abortion just for convenience, this I do not agree with. If a woman has the means to afford an abortion, then she had the means to afford birth control and should have excercised that right instead. It is not fair to take a life just because someone doesn't want stretch marks.

I realize there are all sorts of scenarios that fall in between these two extremes. I do not have the right to judge any of them. I really don't have the right to judge the woman I just mentioned (although, obviously I do).

But that is why I think it is way more important to offer women choices about birth control first, then options other than abortion second. Then if an abortion is done, be there to offer forgiveness if she wants or needs it.

Unless we have been in this situation, we will never know what kind of internal struggle each woman has in making this decision. And, sorry men, you will never know.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor