While I don't agree with abortion, I am starting to have a different perspective on the legalities of it.

Of course I would LOVE it to be illegal, since I feel as though our society is too much of a throwaway society when it comes to things that are inconvenient to us... and I fear it is a slippery slope when it comes to things like this.

At the same time, there are plenty of other things that are legal that people do and get away with that go against my beliefs as well.

In the end, we each have to answer to our own actions (imo) regardless of whether what we have done was deemed legal or illegal by society's standards.

I almost think that more education & more helpful alternatives (minus the preachy/religious aspect of it) would be more beneficial and helpful to the cause of saving lives than some of the extreme measures I have seen and read about being taken in the fight against abortion.

More facts and & figures showing what a market it is, who is getting rich off of it, figures on how many per state, per doctor's office, etc are being aborted on a monthly or yearly basis. How many have had complications due to having one (or many). How many have had one who were not on any form of birth control. How many have had multiple abortions. Stats on WHY the person was having the abortion (rape, incest, convenience). Why hide these facts? Put them all out there, let us be educated when we make our choices in return.

These facts are usually inconsistent, hard to find, at odds with each other, etc. and why? Because the people making money off of it don't want to shock us into realizing what is going on. We wouldn't need laws if instead of using over-the-top images of aborted fetuses we started giving women more REAL information. At least, that is what I would hope. Maybe I am being too hopeful here.

I find it really hard to believe that when a woman gets pregnant she ONLY see's the pregnancy as a "tissue" and doesn't really comprehend it is a child she is carrying. She may deny it to make herself feel better, imo, but the end result of carrying that "tissue" results in a child. A human being. Period. If she chooses to abort that "tissue", she ultimately chooses to kill a human being. Let's be honest here and quit trying to cloak what's going on in terms that depersonalizes it. The fact that so many have such a hard time post-abortion in dealing with it goes to show it is more than just "tissue" imo.

Going hand in hand with this, I think more could probably be done with making adoption easier in the U.S. I've never personally tried to adopt but I have always heard how hard it is to adopt here. Perhaps if adoption were made easier there would be less people willing to have abortions.

We are such a me-first society that I think abortion will always be around. It's way too convenient.