Thank you both for replying. I'm glad to know that there are people here on BellaOnline boards willing to be civil and thoughtful if any debates/discussions are brought up.

I understand what you're saying, CrochetQueen. After reading several threads, I think there are both pro-choice and pro-life readers who would rather close their eyes and see the people on the other side of the debate go away. That's not very fair or open-minded, and it's not my personal stance on dealing with people w/conflicting opinions- here on the boards or in my personal/professional life.

Luckily, I do believe the majority of readers here are intelligent and are truly seeking education, not a fight. That's why I originally posted the "Welcome, civil people" sentiments with a few ground rules for those who are bent on causing problems.

Realistically, I doubt we're all going to sit down for tea anytime soon and come around to a universal verdict on the abortion matter. That said, we are certainly not enemies and this isn't a war zone...

Climbing down from the soapbox now....

Rebecca Orczeck

"My purpose in this forum is to protect the rights of the unborn and their mothers, and to educate the public on the dangers of abortion."