I'd like to begin with I am both pro-choice and pro-baby. I tried to have a baby and had five miscarriages. I understand that it's difficult for people to see someone having an abortion when they so badly want a baby. I can't tell you how much I understand that. At the same time, the best way, in my opinion, to end abortion isn't to make it illegal. No, the best way to reduce or eliminate abortion is to begin to value motherhood in this country and to value women. We only value motherhood if the woman is married - to a man - and continues to stay married. If there is a divorce, we find out how little we value motherhood when stay at home moms are penalized in the divorce for doing so.

We say that women should place children for adoption but if the child isn't healthy and white, the chances of it getting adopted aren't all that great.

Perhaps our money and our lobbying efforts would best be spent by demanding that the government fund research on safe, effective contraception so that abortions aren't needed. .

We say women should take the responsibility for the children they create but we don't pay much more than lipservice to the idea that men should, too. At least as far as legislation goes. And, really, you should see how many children are in foster care because their parents abuse them. It's shocking.

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1. I read someone's post about being an abortion nurse and having to flush fully-formed fetuses down the toilet. Up to 14 a day. Their hearts had been beating until they cut them from the umbilical cord. She wondered how many fetuses are flushed down our septic system across the US on a daily basis.

I'd like to know who wrote the post you're referring to because "fully-formed fetuses" do not get aborted with any frequency.. It most cases, abortions can only be done until 12 weeks and at that stage, it is not a fully-formed fetus. Also, if a fetus is aborted, it cannot be flushed down the toilet, it has to be disposed of with medical waste. People write that stuff and I know beyond any doubt that they are lying. Flat out lying, or else working for the most unethical of doctors who should be reported immediately. They are guilty of breaking the law as well if they comply with such practices.

For the record, late term abortions are *rare.* All the laws for the so-called "partial birth abortion" that have been passed are really unnecessary. No doctor is going to perform an abortion that late unless it is medically necessary. You and I - or even other doctors - may feel that it *isn't* medically necessary but that doesn't negate the fact that the treating physician did and they are not common. "Partial-birth abortion" isn't even a medical term -it's a name created for sensationalist purposes.

I realize this post sounds far more strident than I intend it to be. I understand that this is a really difficult topic for people. Abortion , for the majority of women who have them, is not an easy decision. Reputable abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood - in the clinics that actually do abortions and many do not - do not try to push women to have abortions. They give the woman all of her options and she decides for herself.

I don't think everyone has to agree with me. What a boring world it would be if everyone were just like me! I welcome the opportunity to talk with people about what they've learned, what their experiences are and sometimes I learn new things. I hope people learn new things from me, too.

Thanks for the welcoming environment in this area. I do not think pro-life people are stupid or religious freaks who just don't know any better or any of the other stereotypes. I think that pro-life people are people who have deeply held convictions that should be respected, just as mine should.

Barbara Sharpe