Hi Rebecca,

I'm of the Pro-Choice variety myself, but having been in a few discussions lately and then having seen this post pop up on the right-side column, I wanted to see what your post was about.

Thank you for welcoming me, even though my particular belief, with regard to the title of the room I'm currently in, differs from others.

I used to be on the Pro-Life side of the fence, mostly from the age of reason until I was about 28. I was Catholic until about 2 years ago, and I'm now 36. So being Catholic and being Pro-Life was a bit of a dichotomy, since advocating life under all circumstances is one of their tenets.

The children I taught in CCD (the Catholic term for children's Sunday school) never knew I was Pro-Choice, and I even lied when they asked me about it, always upholding the Church doctrine for them.

Whoops...just got company. I'll finish this post when I can, later tonight hopefully.