I am very Pro-Choice and will tell you my opinion on it as I can't really speak for others. As far as being "moral", for me that does come into the picture but people get an abortion for other than medical reasons, such as a money reason and circumstances. Yes we can say all day long...keep your legs closed...we all know how much that works especially with young adults (It doesn't work). I don't really believe live begins at conception and honestly neither does the medical field. For me it is a matter of a group of cells (in the womb to a certain stage) vs a group of cells that have developed and have breath (out of the womb). It is a very personal choice and if anyone wants to have an abortion they should have a right to make that decision and should also have a clean environment instead of a back alley. It seems a little to me that most Pro-Life people have this impression that if someone gets an abortion they are a terrible person, when in fact that is not true (remember thou shalt not judge) and unless you have been in someone's shoes, you can't know what it is like to have to be faced with this decision. We are all different. I would like to know if you help in any way with people facing this decision and figured I would give a list since I have been in this situation: Can you guarantee the person that you will stick by their side, pay all the medical expenses, help with food, rent, shoes, clothes, feelings, pay time off work, etc. etc. If a person is single remember they will have to handle this all on their own and speaking as a use to be single Mom of two, I can tell you that even though I never had enough money, I was never able to get any type of aide because they said I made too much money....it's not as easy as you think. Anyway hope this made some sense.