I would like to draw the reaction primarily of those who are "pro-choice".
My position is probably going to be obvious after you read my question, but it is irrelevant so instead of jumping on me please explain.
I am trying to understand the moral justification and the reasoning behind the choice of "terminating a pregnancy".
My question is how is terminating a life in the womb is different from terminating a life out of the womb?
If for any reason it is ok to terminate a baby in the womb why can't I terminate it after the birth and to go further if it is ok to make it a choice of convenience, why is it illegal to terminate our elderly or those who's existence is inconvenient for us let's say because they can't take care of themselves.
This is a real question not a provocation and I really would like to see some real reasoning here.
For years I've been asking this same question but everybody just started to attack me and I have never received a real answer.
Please don't tell me about rapes and down syndrome, religious or non-religious beliefs and all that stuff, that's not what I am interested in. I am trying to understand the ideological reasoning behind being "pro choice", so I'd be able to relate to or understand that position better.