I am pro life with the exceptions of birth defects that are not survivable, like Tay Sachs Disease and anancephaly, and pregnancy that risks ending the life of the mother. My personal experience with "pro choice" obstetricians near Boston is they are only pro choice if the choice you want to make is theirs: to kill a "defective" baby. BTW I have worked in the medical laboratory business for almost 20 years. A blood test to screen how likely I was to have a Downs or neural tube defect baby is particularly unreliable, especially if certain data are incorrectly entered. I knew a woman who went through a particularly painful amniocentesis because of the blood test results: only to have a healthy baby. These "doctors" tried everything short of sitting on me to do this testing, which I refused, and I have a perfectly healthy four year old girl. It is the pro death, pro eugenics attitude of most people in Massachusetts that is part of the reason I don't want to have another baby here.