This week's writing prompt:

How do you relate to each of three spiritual realms: the Lower World where your ancestors and spirit animals dwell, the Middle World of the land spirits and the household guardians, or the Upper World where Deity can be found?

My answer:

I feel closest to the Lower World because that is the only place I have ever gone on shamanic journeys. I speak with both my ancestors and spirit animals there. Before I did shamanic journeys, I interacted easily with Deity, but I never actually visited the Upper World. So, while I have a close relationship with Deity, I don't know much about the Upper World and feel the weakest connection with it. As for the Middle World, that is the secular world that we all live in, so I feel the strongest connection with it. But I've only just become aware of the land spirits and household guardians that exist here, so I still have much to learn.

Ro Longstreet
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