This week's Wednesday Writing Prompt:

What part of the 24-hour day do you like the least and why? Write it down in your Book of Mirrors. Your answer could depend on your circadian rhythms or it might be more of an emotional thing. Everybody has their energetic low point in the 24 hour cycle. Your answer may also reveal what aspects of the God or Goddess that you feel most distant from right now.

My answer:

I like all parts of the 24-hour day, but probably my least favorite is the late afternoon from, say, 3 PM to 6 PM, which would indicate that I'm less inclined to want to connect with the God in his aspect as Elder. It's always been this way for me. I tend to get sluggish and not want to start new projects at this point in the day so it is probably the least auspicious time for me to practice witchcraft. What about you?

See also my article Deity in the Twenty-Four Hour Day for more information on which God-energies and which Goddess-energies correspond with certain times of the day.

Ro Longstreet
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