This week's Wednesday Writing Prompt:

Turn your thoughts to the Triple Goddess or Triple God: Maiden/Youth, Mother/Father, Crone/Elder. With which aspect of the Goddess/God do you feel closest nowadays? Your own age doesn't matter. You can be a teenager who seeks a wise mentor such as the Crone/Elder, who is old enough to have the emotional detachment from you that your own parents lack. Or you could be a senior who has reasons to work with the energy and viewpoint of the Mother/Father or Maiden/Youth. Or any other combination.

My answer:

Well, at first I thought I might be connecting most with the Crone over some intellectual and spiritual work I've been doing. But that didn't feel accurate. Giving it more thought, I realize it is really the Mother and has been for a while. I feel closest to her right now. I think it is because I am trying to bring forth several creative projects at the same time that I'm trying to improve, of all things, my domestic skills -- yes, learning to cook and make our shared home more inviting for my husband and me because we both work hard and need a nurturing place to rejuvenate when the work is done.

Think about your situation and write your answer down in your Book of Mirrors. Feel free to post here as well, if you wish to share. smile

Ro Longstreet
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