Wednesday Writing Prompt for 7/30:

What is your favorite and second favorite sabbats and why? I don't want to just ask about your favorite because a huge number of us will choose Samhain for obvious reasons. But having to choose a second-favorite and analyze why can give you some interesting insights about yourself.

My answer: Along with what I'm guessing is most pagans and Wiccans, my favorite sabbat is Samhain because of the grandeur, the pageantry, and the connections with Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. My second favorite sabbat is Imbolc for opposite reasons. I like the simplicity of it, the thought of clearing the slate for a fresh start, and the chance to have a small celebration in the dead of winter when everything can seem so bleak.

So, how about you? Write your answer in your Book of Mirrors, and feel free to share it here in the forum.

Ro Longstreet
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