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Wednesday Writing Prompt for 8/6: What is your least favorite sabbat and why?

My answer: My least favorite sabbat is Ostara, but not because I have negative associations with Christianity and Easter. (Raised by atheists, remember?) I'm not sure what it is with Ostara. I feel like I connect with it less than with any other sabbat. It is the sabbat that makes me draw a blank when I try to think of how to celebrate it. Plus, it happens during what always seems to be a busy, raw, tumultuous time of the year -- March -- when the weather and everything else is unpredictable. I almost always feel put upon, trying to force myself to make time to celebrate the Ostara sabbat whereas all the other sabbats seem to fall into place when their time in Wheel of the Year rolls around.

So, I know it's not Wednesday, so I'm either early or late LOL!

OMG Ro, that's how I feel too!! I just don't connect with Ostara (or Imbolc either, for that matter).

Yet once the Spring Equinox rolls around, I'm totally in through the rest of the wheel wink

Deanna Joseph

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