LOW MAGIC versus HIGH MAGIC. Low magic seeks to influence the workings of everyday life whereas high magic aspires to raise the practitioner's consciousness and assist in spiritual growth. In the old days, CEREMONIAL MAGIC was seen as "high magic" and HEDGE WITCHES were seen as "low magic." Nowadays, most pagans combine both types of magic in their personal spiritual paths. What is the ratio of high to low magic in your spiritual path? Fifty-fifty? More high than low? More low than high?

My answer: I wish it were fifty-fifty. That would be my ideal balance. However, I'm so busy right now with secular things that I'm not even practicing much witchcraft at all. I need to get back to it. Instead, I'm only managing to meditate and contemplate the phases of the moon, but that's about it. Since no energy is being raised, shaped, and directed, by definition what I'm doing right now in my spiritual practice is neither high nor low magic. How about you?

Ro Longstreet
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