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This week's writing prompt:

The Wiccan Rule of Three states that whatever negative or positive energy you put into the universe through your actions will return to you threefold.

(1) Do you believe this?
(2) Do you interpret this as receiving the consequences of your actions three times or only once but three times as strong as the original action?
(3) Can you think of any examples in which the Wiccan Rule of Three came true in your life or the life of someone close to you?
(4) If you don't believe in the Wiccan Rule of Three, do you have another belief that guides your actions? What is it?

My answer:

(1) I don't believe in the Rule of Three. I apologize in advance to those who do. We must each choose the elements of our faith that resonate with us and leave behind the things that don't, so just because I don't believe in something doesn't mean it isn't valid and true for someone else. I don't mean to offend anyone who does believe in the Rule of Three, but I must be truthful here because only the truth goes in the Book of Mirrors. To me, the Rule of Three feels like something empty and simplistic that Gerald Gardner made up. (See my articles Wiccan Threefold Law and The Wiccan Threefold Law is Overrated.)

Good Morning, and thank you for this writing prompt.

Ro, your answer simply floored me! I am not a Wiccan, (more just metaphysical), but there are so many aspects of the belief system that I love. The rule of 3 was never one of them LOL. Because I didn't get it either.

I believe "like attracts like," not three times as much, or three times over.

I really love your thoughts. It doesn't seem fair that there can be someone who is unkind, stingy, and doesn't want to help others, yet they keep bringing more goodness into their life. And it doesn't seem fair that someone can be kind and giving, yet have hardship after hardship.

I believe we do our best when we make choices that honor our divine nature, and allow us to express it. To me that's kindness and love, but also seeing others with kindness and love, no matter what their behavior.

And note: I'm not saying let someone walk all over me - if they have bad behavior, I can choose to love them, yet not let them be part of my life.

Deanna Joseph

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