This forum post connects to my article Starting Your Book of Mirrors. Your Book of Mirrors is your spiritual journal where you record your reactions to the things you learn about your religion to clarify what does and does not resonate for you. You must know these things to build your spiritual practice.

I'm including each Wednesday's writing prompt on this thread and my own brief response just to show you one possible reaction -- but not to argue with you or attempt to convert you. Often you might read someone's reaction like mine and that clarifies even more for you about your own views as you silently agree or disagree.

Feel free to post your own responses, if you wish. (You will have to register to do this, but it's quick, easy, and private. You will never be spammed and you can delete your forum account at any time. Register here.) If you do post, please be non-confrontational and respectful of everybody's inevitable differences of opinion. Belligerent posts will be deleted.

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