I'll have you know that I have been enjoying these for the past couple of days. And my sauerkraut is similar to how my Polish grandmother used to make it, but I do different variations.

It is far from the taste of vinegar. The kraut is rinsed well in cold water and sauteed with chopped onion, olive oil, a little butter, black pepper, and a touch of celery seeds until lightly browned. This makes the sauerkraut a bit sweeter because of the onions, yet with a very slight tang. SOOOOO good on that sausage patty or on hot dogs!

My grandmother used bacon as a base for flavor when she made the sauerkraut in this manner. I did not have bacon on hand to cut up and fry so I put a little butter in for richness. I remember she sometimes had mushrooms in her kraut too. The basic idea is to rinse and then sautee. Onions always add sweetness and flavor.

Some like the vinegar, some do not. I don't care for it dominating the flavor in sauerkraut, so this is a nice way to still enjoy the cabbage on different meats.

Debbie Grejdus
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