Updating from the 28th; I have only gotten a few things chipped off that list. I am not going to rush myself - i will just give myself a gentle reminder here.

Short term goal list, still to do:

- organize RV bathroom
- organize rv bedroom
- Send thank you notes
- Mail TTN receipt
- Attend a Nami meeting
- Empty water into rain barrels
- put mattress on guest cot
- set up bookshelf in house
- move trunk to inside house
- bring rest of kitchen stuff from house into rv
- bring prickly pear wine vat into RV

And I would like to add:

- make a run to metal recycling area for cash
- work on possible itinerary for retreat
- refill water jugs from water dispensary
- officially cancel water and sewer service
- Invoice FB clients
- do one of the following: walk montezuma well trail, walk jail trail, do bubbling springs trail, check out Copper Canyon Trail
- get pedicure
- get haircut